Cherie Lee

We didn't do any comparison for a photog package but went in faith during the wedding fair at Mandarin Oriental last April. Teck Kuan went through with us patiently while presenting to us past works and identified with the classic and evergreen style.
Upon engaging them, Teck Kuan and Eric took time to find out about our story so that he is better able to capture the essence on screen. They came across as sincere and transparent with costs from the start and felt very comfortable dealing with them. 
No request is too small for them to accede to, and they will try to accommodate our ideas into the film. In addition, they would also give us professional feedback on what was plausible for the video. Our friends loved the video highlights shown during dinner. Even though we had Holy Matrimony during the evening, in the short span of time they managed to deliver an impeccable video. This speaks volumes on their professionalism and experience to work within a tight timeframe without compromising on the outcome. 
We couldn't be more thankful for such a fun loving team who knows their stuff and made our wedding day more enjoyable without any hiccups! Once again, thank you for going all out to make our day so special.

Dexter Ng

To be honest we didnt expect our wedding highlights to have comparable results as what we seen from Their website, as people always say to give some discount to what we see from their official websites. However if you are thinking what i had doubted before, be rest assured! you are in safe hands of Teck Kuan and his team.
My wife and me are not very outspoken people, however Teck Kuan and his team are very professional and i think the most important factor is that they are very engaging throughout the whole event, making everyone very comfortable!
words cannot express our gratitude we have to them in capturing ours memorable event in such a beautiful way!

Joanne Khoo

TK was very professional and personable. The process was a breeze and fun! Huge thanks to the team for their quick turn around for the morning highlights video. We were pleasantly surprised that they managed to include clips from our ceremony that took place just before dinner. Highly recommended!

Robin Low

I just can't recommend The Next Chapter Film enough. They went above and beyond in catering to our film and photography needs for our church wedding in December 2019. TK and Douglas were not only friendly, they also assured us that our film and photography requirements will be fully taken care of. Thanks again!

Emily Wong

Big Thanks to Hitcheed and the Next Chapter Films for being a part of my wedding. I had a wonderful experience working with Teck Kuan and his crew, and we didn't need to meet often to comunicate what I wanted for my video. In the days leading up to the wedding, Teck Kuan and I communicated mainly via Whatsapp and a couple of phonecalls to discuss the videographer's arrangements, and the rest was up to the crew's professionalism and experience.

On the actual day, Teck Kuan and Jeremy were our cinematographers, and two other assistants came as well. They were amiable people and a strong team who knew how to get the best takes given the light and the background, and not too intrusive in choreographing shots. Teck Kuan stepped up to the sudden need to guide us through the usual customary such as veiling of the bride (as we didn't have an AD photographer for this part of the day). I was also very impressed with their fancy AV equipment, their stabilising gear - gave very smooth and beautiful shots for scene pullbacks. The crew also surprised me with how they weaved in segments of the Reverend's speech even though I could not prep them in advance the content. The result? A tear-jerking capture of the wedding ceremony, highlighting the natural interactions and the emotional expressions of us and our loved ones. They worked towards what I envisioned and delivered beyond my expectations.

Highly recommend their services to anyone looking for an 'A' team!

Caleb Yap

Teck Kuan, Eric and team were professional, friendly and a delight to work with.

They took time to understand us, our personality and our relationship, and had a keen eye for what was important to us. We just finished working with them and are still waiting to see the long form video and footage, but we are more than satisfied with the short form video they presented at our wedding dinner -- they ably captured the critical moments of the day and the spirit of the mood and atmosphere well. Everyone was very pleased with the video and story they told.

If for any reason there's a mistake or some difficulty in scheduling, you can be assured that they go above and beyond in order to make things right, and what they offer in return goes above and beyond the requirements. In our case, because one videographer was not able to be consistently there all day, they assigned an extra videographer which meant double footage. When some footage was corrupted (which does happen), they topped up with additional coverage for a full other event. We were more than happy with their service recovery.

These guys are professionals who can be trusted, and understand what is important to the couple. Highly recommended.

Jasmine Zhang

I was introduced to The Next Chapter Film by our wedding photographer @stories.ryanchia for our wedding day video. I must say I have a very pleasant, smooth and personable experience with Eric and Teck Kuan. They met us and gotten us to fill in a questionaire to find out about our love story like, how we met, what are our dating activities, what we both like each other.

As much as we know that some videographers have their personal style and ways of how they want to patch their videos, my hubby and I also have our preferences, hence, we shared with them and they are very receptive.

Just 2 weeks before our wedding day, they offer to make an arrangement to meet us again with our photographer to go through the program together and highlighted to us some of the details that we need to inform our wedding helpers and family. They will also bother to find out from us if there are anything they need to take note of, such as when taking photos, so and so can't take together, any "awkward" details that they should avoid, (although we don't have "awkward" family situations for them to take note of). From this I find that they are sensitive to such details. 

The wedding highlights video and the wedding documentary video (more detailed one) were awesome. Really captured the highlights, all the expression of our guests are in it as well. It touches our hearts! Great team to work with!

One thing I like to highlight is the presentation of the videos in thumbdrive, it is nicely presented in an engraved wooden box. This team is all about the small details that create a personable service.

Priscilla Keziah Ng

TLDR; I never regretted engaging The Next Chapter Film, and will definitely recommend their services to whoever needs videography service. Rating of 10 out of 5 from my husband and I.


Teck Kuan and his team were superb through the whole process! From pre-wedding shoot to the actual day, my husband and I knew that we could trust them with their work.


For our pre-wedding video shoot, we just showed Teck Kuan a sample of what we would like for our pre-wed video, and he was able to deliver it perfectly. It was unique (way better than the sample video IMO), creative, funny, light-hearted and yet touching at the same time. So many of our friends have commented that this videography team did so well, and they really loved the video!

During the whole process, we had so many good footage that we found it a shame to take away so many good takes - the Teck Kuan suggested for us to have two videos instead of one. It was really generous of them!! Thank you so much!

Lastly, when Teck Kuan knew that my mother was Indonesian and started to feel really nervous about speaking in front of the camera in English, he went out of his way to arrange a Indonesian (who is also part of his wonderful team) to come and do the pre-wed shoot so that my mother can feel more comfortable. I rate their services 10 out of 5 stars. Honestly!


Teck Kuan and his team captured our actual day wedding so beautifully. Once again, light-hearted and yet touching, and I saw my sister tearing when she watched the video for the first time.

I am still reeling out of the joyous occasion and have been caught by my friends watching the wedding highlights for the umpteenth time (I watch it repeated only because it's just so good). 


Liam Telford

“My Wife, guests and I were blown away by the amazing videos put together by Teck Kuan & co. Could not recommend this company highly enough - outstanding experience!!”

Lam Chee Han

Thanks Teck Kuan, especially for your ability to accomodate our special requests!!! We love the video as it captured all the beautiful moments that day. Thank you so much!


Would like to thank Teck Kuan and crew so so much for the beautiful pre and wedding video they created for my special day! Words can not describe how beautiful it is! Also Teck Guan is a dedicated person who went that extra mile to make sure the video was perfect from start to finish! Would highly recommend.

Ervin & Genevieve

Ervin and I had such a great experience with our wedding video that we have been recommending our family and friends to Teck Kuan:) Teck Kuan is professional yet honest and sincere. Moreover the videos they produce are great and keeps getting better!

Lynette Tay

Thanks to Teck Kuan and Deryck for putting together for us such a meaningful video within such a short time. Not only did they capture the right moments but it was so very very meaningful to us. It's not just a video, but our story beautifully documented. Great professional work.

Jason kok

On our wedding day, the filming was done very professionally, Eric and his team were very helpful and easygoing which makes the whole experience very smooth and enjoyable for everyone.

They managed to be unobtrusive and allowed all of us to be candid and natural. We enjoyed our day and can now relive the moments through the footage captured.

Thanks The Next Chapter Film! 2 thumbs up!

Lianghe and Mingzi

Teck Kuan and his videography team were very talented and professional. For our pre-wedding video, he helped us to come up with a clear and personal storyboard that conveyed our story very well. The video was very well done and we were very glad that it conveyed what we wanted our audience to know on our actual wedding day. For our actual wedding day, Teck Kuan and his team were able to finish the same day edits very efficiently and the quality of our actual wedding day videos were impeccable. He also kept to the schedule and all the timings that we have set for him. All in all, I would highly recommend Teck Kuan and his team at The Next Chapter Film for videography of both your pre-wedding and actual wedding day. His editing skills and the quality of his videos are of the highest standards. His punctuality, efficiency and professionalism also impressed us. We have also worked with him for our academic and corporate projects and have truly enjoyed working with him and his team. We look forward to looking with him again.

Jonathan & Stephanie

We were recommended to Teck Kuan by our friend who had engaged him for their proposal and actual day wedding videography. Teck Kuan is the down-to-earth and friendly founder of The Next Chapter Film. Teck Kuan is professional and having covered many weddings before, he offered valuable insights for our wedding day, including how long our march-out songs should be! On our wedding day, we could put our mind at ease and trusted Teck Kuan to do the rest. He is dedicated and goes the extra mile to ensure he captures the best video for your big day. We are also very appreciative that he helped to rush out the morning wedding highlights in such a short time-frame! We are very pleased with how the videos turned out. Truly, Teck Kuan takes pride in his craft and we have no regrets engaging The Next Chapter Film to capture the beautiful memories of our wedding day.

Justin & Samantha

Teck Kuan and his team did an amazing job of capturing our big day on video! The wedding highlights did a great job of telling our story; and we absolutely love it. So do our family and friends. In fact, our parents would also like to specially extend their gratitude to The Next Chapter Film for putting it so beautifully together for us. Teck Kuan was also very patient when we wanted to make changes to our childhood montage, and he & his team made us feel very comfortable on the actual day even with many cameras pointing at us. He knows what to capture and weaves it together beautifully. THANK YOU!

Raymond & Gladys

Teck Kuan and his team were extremely helpful in helping us brainstorm for ideas on what we could do for our pre-wedding video. His team also managed to encapsulate the essence of our wedding so well beyond our expectations. We were so pleasantly surprised by the video when we watched it during our wedding dinner! Every anniversary, my husband and I would watch the video prepared by Teck Kuan's team and tears would roll down our eyes when we finish the video. Thank you, Teck Kuan and team, for helping us remember our special day in such a beautiful manner.

Augustus & Synne

For us, it was great working with Teck Kuan and his team, as he was very professional and helpful, delivering great content at the same time. We loved how our videos turned out, with the full essence of our wedding captured on screen. Everyone looked great in it, with their faces shining & I could really feel the love on our special day as we watched the videos over and over again To all couples out there, The Next Chapter Film is highly recommended!

Min Sheng & Deborah

We're so thankful to The Next Chapter Film for capturing those precious moments for us! It was lovely working with Teck Kuan and team. They were very well prepared, arriving earlier at the locations to recce and recorded every moment in an unobtrusive way, which made it natural for us to smile! We love the music he chose for the video and it really suits our personalities. Highly recommend!